Area Code 323

Area code 323

The History of Area Code 323

In today’s interconnected world, telephone numbers are integral to our daily lives. They enable us to communicate with people around the globe, and each number is associated with a unique area code that helps route calls to their respective destinations. One such area code is 323, which holds a fascinating history. With the rapid growth of LA and the advent of fax machines, pagers, and later cell phones, the number 213 needed to be fixed. It led to the creation of area code 323.

Area code 323 covers a significant portion of Los Angeles County in California, including the city of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. The year was 1997 when the 323 area code was introduced. It was created through a process known as a split. Consequently, the 323 area code faced the challenge of meeting the needs of a rapidly growing region.

Area codes have taken on a new meaning in today’s digital age. They have become a form of identity, with people often associating certain area codes with specific locations or communities. Many iconic LA landmarks fall within the 323 area code, including the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Griffith Observatory, and the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Area code 323 has a rich history and a significant role in representing the diverse and dynamic region of Central and East Los Angeles.

North American Numbering Plan assigns area code 323 to persons living in these towns and cities in California: 

Bell, CA
Bell Gardens, CA
Beverly Hills, CA
Burbank, CA
Compton, CA
Gardena, CA
Glendale, CA
Huntington Park, CA
Lakewood, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Lynwood, CA
Maywood, CA
Montebello, CA
Pasadena, CA
San Marino, CA
Sherman Oaks, CA
South Gate, CA
South Pasadena, CA
West Hollywood, CA
Wilmington, CA

323 Area Code FAQs

Q: What area code is 323?

A: Area code 323 is the designated area code for a significant portion of Los Angeles County in California, including the city of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

Q: When 323 area code was created?

A: The 323 area code was created in 1998 through a process known as a split. Prior to its creation, the entire Los Angeles area was covered by the 213 area code.

Q: Where is area code 323?

A: Area code 323 is located in Southern California, primarily covering Los Angeles County. It includes cities such as Los Angeles, Huntington Park, Bell Gardens and South Gate.

Q: Who needs to dial 1 before the 323 area code?

A: When making a domestic long-distance call within the United States, it is generally required to dial the number 1 before the area code. Therefore, if you call a number with the 323 area code from within the United States, you typically dial 1-323 followed by the seven-digit local number.

Q: Why is an area code like 323 important?

A: Area codes play a crucial role in the efficient functioning of telephone networks. They help route calls to specific geographic regions, ensuring that connections are established accurately. Area codes also assist in managing and organizing telephone numbering plans, allowing for allocating unique numbers to different areas.

Q: Is area code 323 overlay with another area code?

A: Area code 323 has been overlaid with 213 additional area code to accommodate the growing demand for telephone services.

Q: What other area codes are nearby area code 323?

A: The area codes nearby Area Code 323 include 213, 310, 424, 562 and 626.

Q: Can I obtain a phone number with Area Code 323?

A: Yes, obtaining a phone number with the 323 area code is possible, provided the number is available and not already assigned to someone else.

Q: What is the population of the area covered by area code 323?

A: The area covered by area code 323, which includes the city of Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, is home to a large population. Los Angeles alone has a population of about 4 million people.

Q: What is the timezone for Area Code 323?

A:  Area code 323 is located in the Pacific Time Zone (PT).

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